American handwriting analysis

This course really filled in some of the gaps that I was unsure about because a lot of the samples people have given me have been in print because cursive is just not as popular as it once was. X formations may also indicate thoughts, worries, or fantasies about death, either regarding other people or the writer himself.

He could act with sudden bursts of energy often sexual. F- 7 Erratic Midzone Size consistent changing,-d circle squeezed shut Psychological implications: Thinking and morals could be distorted or strange, and he could twist ideas or morals to fit his behavior or to justify his actions.

During the 's she helped Charlie and Dan Anthony develop their psychogram courses using concepts from her book. In he was featured speaker at a seminar and workshop in Hawaii for the International Academy of Trial Lawyers. All children are not the same while learning sums. A, d, n, n Psychological implications: F- 11 Overly Connected Writing total sig.

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This will make the children think on how to ban it from the user. The person is cunning, astute, crafty, or sly and may use sneaky maneuvering to get his "hooks" into you.

Handwriting Analysis: An Adventure into the Subconscious

When we do cosplay in life, we can understand about the real characters and the struggles the original characters met in their lives. Compulsive tendencies are indicated.

He would be susceptible to flattery or criticism and could criticize other people in order to look better than He had a need to acquire things in rather large quantities and had ambitious desires. It was a simultaneous evaluation of the patients by psychologists working there, using two different methods.

Unique or unusual handwriting formations indicate an unusual thinking style. There is a suggestion that he could easily lose his temper, exhibiting a short fuse so that he could fly off the handle at the least provocation.


Amanda from Littleton, Colorado, US at His acts were likely to be planned rather than expressed impulsively. Such activity can be explosive if the upstrokes are especially heavy and if accompanied by other dangerous signs.

This suggests immaturity and labile, unpredictable reactions and behavior. At times he could fluctuate between conscious and subconscious material, or between fact and fantasy.

Charlie attended every AHAF convention that his health allowed, but it is important to note that by his own choice, he never held office in the organization. At the same time there were disturbances in his self concept.

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Sull. Loose Leaf. $ (8 used & new offers) out of 5 stars 9. The Art of Cursive Penmanship: A Personal Handwriting Program for Adults Jul 3, by Michael R. Sull. Spiral-bound. AHAF is a non-profit membership organization for professional handwriting analysts as well as for students and hobbyists, with a focus toward education, professional standards and certification.

Personality analysis of Andrew Phillip Cunanan from his handwriting by prominent graphologist. He was an American spree killer who murdered at least five people. Handwriting Analysis Presented By: Elaine Perliss Another pioneering concept by Dr.

John Kappas was his extensive use of handwriting analysis as an “ideomotor response” that provides valuable insights to the client’s subconscious behaviors and personality traits. Let your child appreciate nature by doing these fun activities with him.

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American handwriting analysis
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