An analysis of deism

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What Deism is Not

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At its most fundamental level, this is the nature of sin. These are important truths for theology and preaching and provide a firm theological foundation for understanding and proclaiming scriptural holiness.

Historical and Cultural Setting With many passages of Scripture, good interpretation begins by seeing the text in relation to a particular historical setting.

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To distinguish toleration from cowardice or weakness of will the agent must have some capacity to enact his negative judgment.

Worldviews, Part 2 – Comparing Postmodernism and Other Worldviews with a Christian View

The nations who never heard of such books, nor of such people as Jews, Christians, or Mahometans, believe the existence of a God as fully as we do, because it is self-evident. Deism has never had leaders; it is a belief system that rejects prophets and sacred texts.

The Complete Writings of Thomas Paine ed. What was the talking serpent?. Toleration. The heart of tolerance is self-control.

When we tolerate an activity, we resist our urge to forcefully prohibit the expression of activities that we find unpleasant. Deism in eighteenth-century America.

Jesus Wasn’t a Real Person? That’s Dumb!

In the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries, the newly developing land of America was dominated by Protestant Christianity, and the popularity of Deist thought, which was by this time subsiding in England, was on the ascendancy in American Elihu Palmer, a one-time Baptist minister, launched a nationwide crusade for Deism.

Moralistic therapeutic deism (MTD) is a term that was first introduced in the book Soul Searching: The Religious and Spiritual Lives of American Teenagers () by sociologists Christian Smith and Melinda Lundquist Denton. The term is used to describe what they consider to be the common beliefs among American youth.


The book is the result of the research project the "National Study of Youth. Part 1: Background and Definitions Overview of the Meaning of Calvinism In any meaningful discussion of a subject like Calvinism and free will, it is critically important to carefully define one’s terms.

This webpage is for Dr. Wheeler's literature students, and it offers introductory survey information concerning the literature of classical China, classical Rome, classical Greece, the Bible as Literature, medieval literature, Renaissance literature, and genre studies.

French Deism

As with the Deism article, this brief history is intended to help you understand how Deism came into being and how it developed into what it is now, but this article will .

An analysis of deism
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Thomas Paine Essay Deism Compared to Christianity