An analysis of the character paul in pauls case by willa cather

The tone and atmosphere of this story is pretty clear. The only thing that at all surprised him was his own courage-for he realized well enough that he had always been tormented by fear, a sort of apprehensive dread that, of late years, as the meshes of the lies he had told closed about him, had been pulling the muscles of his body tighter and tighter.

Postal Service honored Willa Cather by issuing a stamp bearing her image. He put the violets and jonquils on the taboret beside the couch, and threw himself down, with a long sigh, covering himself with a Roman blanket. Read an in-depth analysis of Paul.

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His teachers were in despair, and his drawing master voiced the feeling of them all when he declared there was something about the boy which none of them understood. The other plane of reality that Paul lives in has been released, and he is at the height of elation.

His chief greediness lay in his ears and eyes, and his excesses were not offensive ones. Not once, but a hundred times, Paul had planned this entry into New York. The glare and glitter about him, the mere scenic accessories had again, and for the last time, their old potency.

He was thoroughly tired; he had been in such haste, he had stood up to such a strain, covered so much ground in the last twenty-four hours, that he wanted to think how it had all come about.

The children played in the streets; there were so many of them that the place resembled the recreation grounds of a kindergarten. When he reached the concert hall the doors were not yet open and, as it was chilly outside, he decided to go up into the picture gallery--always deserted at this hour--where there were some of Raffelli's gay studies of Paris streets and an airy blue Venetian scene or two that always exhilarated him.

He looked her over and decided that she was not appropriately dressed and must be a fool to sit downstairs in such togs. He would tell his father that he had no carfare and it was raining so hard he had gone home with one of the boys and stayed all night.

There are many factors that lead to the alienation of humans and alienation can take many forms, within a family or within society.

Since he had gotten the flowers his dream was complete of how it should look and gives off the feeling that Paul is happy.

Alienation in “Paul’s Case” By Willa Cather Essay Sample

Similar to the way that Paul found happiness from his fantasy; people find a lie that makes them feel content. When the crime committed by him is discovered, Paul cannot return to the cruel and ordinary Cordelia Street and kills himself by jumping under a running train.

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He thought of his room with its horrible yellow wallpaper, the old bed with its ugly red cover. Paul shrugged his shoulders slightly and his eyebrows twitched. He tried to show them how little he thought of them and the studies they taught.

For him to commit suicide the thought of doing it and not doing it must have came up multiple times and Paul decided to end everything right there. Paul entered the faculty room suave and smiling.

That is the ultimate goal that he wants to accomplish, to be free of his home life and be around the theaters as much as possiable.

Paul is a misfit in every way, and the reader is given a detailed description of his conflicts with school, home, and society. Then he dozed awhile, from his weak condition, seemingly insensible to the cold. Afterwards, everyone came home and ate a big dinner. May 27,  · Short Story Analysis: “Paul’s Case” by Willa Cather This is an excellent short story, though I have to say I’m not certain if the ending was justified.

I’ll get to that, but let me say that this is analysis and not a review, and so I will have no reservations about spoiling the ending.

- An Analysis of Paul's Case In "Paul's Case" by Willa Cather, a young man named Paul is unhappy with his home and school life. He is happiest when he is at Carnegie Hall, where he works as an usher.

When he is not physically at Carnegie Hall, his thoughts remain there causing his school work to suffer. Literary Analysis Essay of Willa Cather’s ‘Paul’s Case: A Study in Temperament’ ‘Paul’s Case: A Study in Temperament’ is a short story written by Willa Cather.

The piece revolves around the life of Paul and his inclination towards high society activities. A Literary Analysis of the Short Story Paul's Case by Willa Cather PAGES 1.

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WORDS View Full Essay. More essays like this: rich persons life, willa cather, pauls case. Not sure what I'd do without @Kibin - Alfredo Alvarez, student @ Miami University. Exactly what I needed.

- Jenna Kraig, student @ UCLA. Wow. Most helpful essay. In "Paul's Case", Willa Cather uses symbolism along with a theatrical structure to illustrate the life of a young man who lives his life as though it were a play.

"Paul's Case", written by Willa Cather, tells the story of Paul, a young man who is always in search of something more in his life. Our story today is called "Paul's Case." Willa Cather wrote it. Donna de Sanctis adapted it for VOA Learning English. "Paul's Case" will be told in two parts.

An analysis of the character paul in pauls case by willa cather
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