Macro environmental analysis pestl of zimbabwe finance essay

In the macro environment analysis your identified opportunities and threats may affect many industries, for example: The macro political environment analysis will identify changes in the position politicians take on issues.

Webby is the owner-manager of Pick and Carry, a big grocery store in Auckland City. These elements are per capita income, economic development, distribution of income and wealth, the availability of economic resources. The growth of China and India, for example, have had massive effects on many organisations.

Moreover, new rivals have emerged following the footsteps of Southwest. This is illustrated below: Webby solicits your opinion about his newly proposed business, how would you address his questions and concerns?: Various economic factors should be taken into financial conditions of the company.

Marketing Theories – PESTEL Analysis

Such as the number of part time workers, attitudes towards global warming, make up of the family structure as well as trends in population growth at relevant ages for your industry There maybe zero population growth in general but high growth in the number of people over Entry Barriers There are high barriers to enter this industry as it requires a large initial capital investment.

It can enable an organisation to spot business opportunities and exploit them fully. An aging population is a demographic or social trend in many western counties which when combined with the trend of people living longer is resulting in an increase in the total number of retired persons. The difference between Political and Legal factors is that Political refers to attitudes and approaches, whereas Legal factors are those which have become law and regulations.

The slots are already reserved by established airlines and are difficult to obtain especially in airports with high passenger demand Czemy To help make decisions and to plan for future events, organisations need to understand the wider micro-economic and macro-economic environments in which they operate.

On an international basis, it is best to perform the analysis on a country-by-country basis because factors can differ greatly between countries or even regions.

Macro Environment Analysis

In conjunction with the price wars and low profit margins, it has become difficult to make profit in this industry. The macro legal environment analysis is closely linked to the political environment politicians tend to make the lawsbut also includes trends in court decisions such as liability compensation.

The six elements form a framework for reviewing a situation, and can also be used to review a strategy or position, direction of a company, a marketing proposition, or idea.

The assumption here is that if the organisation is able to audit its current environment and assess potential changes, it will be better placed than its competitors to respond to changes as we go into the future. The company is missing on a significant customer segment that is willing to pay top dollar for a full service air travel.

New ways of producing goods and services New ways of distributing goods and services New ways of communicating with target markets Environmental Factors These factors have only really come to the forefront in the last fifteen years or so.

Legal changes that resulted from the rise of uber has seen the value of taxi plates decline significantly in some countries. Analyse the influences of the following macro-environmental forces to the proposed business: Internal stakeholders include managers and employees and are those that are situated within the company and affect the day-to-day running of the organization.

Social Factors Southwest Airline has a strong commitment towards customer service Thompson and Gamble, Market Penetration and Consolidation Southwest Airlines should consolidate existing routes and increase its market share on existing routes. Social Factors Also known as socio-cultural factors, are the areas that involve the shared belief and attitudes of the population.

Macro-environmental analysis (PESTL) of Zimbabwe The changes that occur in domestic, regional, international and global business environments are characterized by periods of discontinuous and large scale changes (Nyandoro and Matanhire, ).

External environmental also refers to the aspects of the technological, commercial, economic, financial, political, regulatory, socio-cultural and physical environments of an gabrielgoulddesign.coms, the internal analysis focuses at the current situation of resources, strengths or weakness of an organization.

PESTEL analysis of the macro-environment There are many factors in the macro-environment that will effect the decisions of the managers of any organisation.

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PEST Analysis A scan of the external macro-environment in which the firm operates can be expressed in terms of the following factors: * Political * Economic * Social * Technological The acronym PEST (or sometimes rearranged as "STEP") is used to describe a framework for the analysis of these macroenvironmental factors.

Pestle analysis vital for strategic decision making

The PEST analysis is a political, economic, social, and technological analysis that describes the framework of macro-environmental factors used in the environmental scanning component of strategic management. Some analysts added legal and rearranged the mnemonic to SLEPT; inserting environmental factors expanded it to PESTEL or PESTLE, which is popular in the United Kingdom.

Macro environmental analysis pestl of zimbabwe finance essay
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Macro Environment Analysis & Strategic Leadership