Only 19 john schumann analysis

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Breaking down the truth behind Redgum’s ‘I Was Only 19’

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He received a tiny bit of shrapnel in his back. Schumann was born in Zwickau, in the Kingdom of Saxony, the fifth and last child of Johanna Christiane (née Schnabel) and August Schumann.

Schumann began to compose before the age of seven, but his boyhood was spent in the cultivation of literature as much as music – undoubtedly influenced by his father, a bookseller, publisher, and novelist.

ONLY 19 – John Schumann (Redgum) ‘Only 19’ was a ballad written by John Schumann (lead singer of Redgum) and tells the story of his brother-in-law, Mick Storan, who was a Vietnam Veteran and recounts some of his time spent in the war.

It was four years after the release of I was only 19 and 15 years after Australia's involvement in the Vietnam war ended. After the march, Schumann played I was only 19 at a concert in the Domain. Creator: John Schumann, songwriter and member of Australian folk-rock band song was recorded in Purpose: To draw attention to the experience of Australian soldiers who fought in the Vietnam War.

Manifesto. I Was Only 19 (A Walk in the Light Green) John Schumann: Universal Music Publishing Pty Ltd. John Schumann uses numerous poetic devices throughout his hit song. The most frequently used techniques include rhyme (as is the same for most lyrical songs), repetition, rhetorical questions and multitudes of colloquialisms.

John Schumann's Vietnam war anthem I Was Only 19 reborn as children's book When John Schumann wrote I Was Only Nineteen he didn't know it would last so long.

Only 19 john schumann analysis
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